I've worked with a wide range of ages and unique challenges, but this private practice is centered around the kids and parents with whom I can do my best work! 


Services Offered

If your child is between the ages of 2-12 years old, I would love to see if I can help if you've noticed your child is:

  • Not using very many words (expressive language, developmental language)  

  • Not putting words together (expressive language, developmental language) 

  • Having difficulty pronouncing sounds (articulation)

  • Not being understood by others, in familiar settings or by strangers (articulation, intelligibility, rate of speech)

  • Having difficulty understanding what is being said to them (receptive language)

  • Struggling to understand and follow directions (receptive language)  

  • Struggling to sharing thoughts, ideas and feelings (expressive language)

  • Having difficulty using verbal and nonverbal language (social language)

“Mallory has a real talent in quickly earning a child’s trust and attention, and then using that to guide them through new ways to make the sounds and words that will help them win for the rest of their lives.”
— Evan Heckert, Unbiased Husband