A Letter from Mallory's Husband

Mallory is a very rare human being. She has the most gentle and kind heart, and you will feel loved and welcome the moment you meet her.

Her intuition with kids of all ages is nothing short of remarkable. I'll never forget the first time she met my niece. Like many two-and-a-half year olds, Isla loves to interact and engage, but only once she warms up to you.

By the time I was done trying to explain to Mallory that she may take a little while to warm up, they were already best friends. Mallory immediately became her go-to grown up! She just seems to 'speak her language', if that makes sense.

If you fast forward my neice to her teenage years, I'd imagine her reasoning would be: "Mallory just gets me."

This is Mallory's God-given gift. She has a warmth and love for people that shatters the ice quicker than anyone I've met. Yet when a child starts acting out, she can command respect and establish boundaries clearly, and then just as quickly redirect things back to her warm and enthusaistic focus on whatever they're working on.

This gift provides a great compliment to her extensive education, training, and real-world experience. She has a Masters Degree in Speech Language Pathology, undergrad in Communicative Disorders, and multiple years actually working as an SLP in the Linn County school system.

As icing on the cake, she has developed a network of very talented SLP's with whom she can collaborate and brainstorm unique solutions. There may be consistencies among speech-related challenges, but every child is unique. This mastermind group ensures that no stone will go unturned in finding the best path to helping your child achieve their potential.

Of course, I'm her husband, so I'm biased. Don't take my word for it. Check out her story on her new blog, and if you're ready to give your child the best possible support in their speech development, reach out directly to Mallory and get to know her, and give her the chance to get to know you and your child. There is no question in my mind that your confidence in her will soar if you get that opportunity.

Evan Heckert